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People without German citizenship are obligated to be in possession of a residence title (Aufenthaltstitel) to enter or to stay in Germany. The relevant German provisions describe a large number of such residence titles. They are granted for different reasons and for different purposes. I can give you advice on how you can obtain a residence title and legally represent you in all situations, whether it is an application for a residence title or a complaint before the court.


Rechtsanwalt - Attorney

Attorneys in Germany are allowed to give advice and assistance in all legal matters. Because of its international and humanitarian character, I chose migration law as my main subject of work. Apart from my job in Berlin, I am also part of a voluntary association providing assistance to migrants and refugees.


The remuneration of attorneys in Germany is based on the Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG; Law of remuneration of attorneys). When taking legal action before a court, it is not allowed to  charge less than determined by the RVG. Remuneration for a consultation or legal representation out of court (for example the application for a residence title) is more flexible. I am happy, to inform you about the fees for your individual concern on request.


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